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The FLR Difference
ONLy FLR combines advanced networking technology with a commitment to serving the needs of Florida’s research and education community.
Our participants are dedicated to fostering discovery and innovation. When you join FLR, you become part of a research and education network that was built from the ground up with the needs of organizations like yours in mind.
State of the art Data Network
FLR participants are provided with accessibility and connectivity to an advanced, highly scalable broadband network (today 20 Gbps – 100Gbps by May 2015) that is designed to meet the ever-growing needs of our research & education community. Only FLR can provide access and connectivity to the national and global research and education networks.
PreciSe aND
comPetitive PriciNg
FLR is able to offer affiliates exceptional pricing with
greater stability and flexibility than other alternatives. Internet access can be purchased in single megabit increments (starting at a minimum of 10) with additional capacity available ‘on demand’ to handle your short term needs for things such as moving large data sets. Participants also enjoy access to a growing list of FLR services including video conferencing and network security tools either free or at a reduced price.
FLR affiliates enjoy direct connections (called peering) with a broad range of telecommunications and network service providers. Peering works by bypassing standard internet connections which results in a reduction of bandwidth needs by as much as 40%, saving your organization money.
flexibility aND SecUrity
Florida LambdaRail can set up dedicated waves
or pathways exclusively between and among FLR participants - a tool that ensures the security and speed necessary for transmitting large data sets. We also
have the ability to establish dedicated virtual private networks (VPN) to securely connect your geographically separated local area networks, servers or intranets without the added expense of leasing additional lines.

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